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These Skills Are What Separates The Top Earners From The Rest of the Fitness Industry

The Coffee's For Closers Workshop To Help Gym Owners and Coaches to 20x Their Sales

If you love sales as much as I do, then you know the famous scene from "Glengarry Glen Ross" where Alec Baldwin gets the team hyped up. To get everyone's attention he yells..

PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!! Coffee is for closers only.

I took that scene literally and decided that everyday, I would start my day off by doing one thing that will market my fitness facilities and sell at least one person into my program. That's how I would earn my coffee each more - by marketing and selling.

It could be a daily post on social, an email blast or following up with one person to move them closer to a sale. ABC - Always Be Closing!

If we haven't met before, my name is Dustin Bogle and I've been a Personal Trainer since 2004 and Gym Owner since 2011. I started in the 1-on-1 training world and moved to group training so I can make a bigger impact and help more people in a day.

And I know the struggles that you face when selling fitness.....

   - People think Peleton will solve all their problems
   - People compare you to a local gym that's $10/mo
   - People hope that fat-burning pills will melt off the belly
   - People download new fitness apps every week hoping it will be "the one"

But there's ONE THING missing from all of those options. None of them involve HUMAN INTERACTION. That's why a Coach is a game changer and will get them significantly better results.

That's why I believe in selling Coaching over pills, powders and potions. I know that those results don't last forever but a Coach will make a permanent change in their clients. 

And I want to help you to sell your program so you can impact more lives. 

I'm Sharing My Coffee's For Closers Morning Checklist
I Have a Proven Process That I've Taught To Multiple Coaches, Gym Owners and Influencers That Has 20x Their Monthly Sales
In my upcoming Coffee's For Closers Workshop, I'm going to reveal my exact checklist I follow everyday that has helped me to build two 7-figure companies. 

It comes down to 3 main categories....

Easy Systems
Simple scales and complexity kills. That's why it's important that we keep things as simple as possible in the sales process. If you can memorize it and quickly teach it, you can grow quicker.
In this portion of the workshop, I will cover.... 
  - How To Get Attention (Omnipresence Marketing)
  - Knowing What To Say (Single Page Sales Script That Works)
  - Removing All Resistance from Sales Process (Clean Up Checklist)

Environmental Control
The next step is to take control of your space. Quite literally I'm talking about your office, gym or where ever you will be selling as well as your market and your leads list. If you have phone numbers to call or text then you have the ability to control your environment and earn more. In this section of the workshop, I will discuss...

  - How To Follow Up With HOT Prospects
  - How To Add Value (And Not Discount Price)
  - How To Identify Your Prospects Dominant Motivation
  - How To Sell In a Competitive Market

Earn Your Coffee
The final step is to know how to how to ask for the sale and close the deal. Buying coffee requires money which means you need to collect those dollars. In this final section, I will share...

  - How To Ask For The Sale Without Sounding Desperate or Sleazy
  - How To Overcome The Dreaded Price Objection Once and For All
  - How To Add Ethical Urgency To People Who Give You The "Think About It" Response
  - How To Increase The Amount of Closed Deals in A Week
The Coffee's For Closers Workshop is a 3 Hour Online Training That Gives You Everything You Need to Sell More Members And Grow Your Business
Did you know that continued education and training is a tax deductible write off?

Treas. Reg. §1.162-5(a)(1) & Treas. Reg §1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expenditure from your taxes.
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  • ​1/2 Day of Sales Training with Dustin Bogle ==> Value = $1,997
  • Omnipresence Marketing Guide ============> Value = $697
  • ​​GOLD Objection-Proof Sales Script  =========> Value = $997
  • Resistance Removal Sales Process Checklist => Value = $297
  • Proven Follow Up Scripts That Create Sales ===> Value = $697
>> Total Value: $4,685 <<
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